Most frequent questions and answers about Lidocare

Lidocare’s advanced pain-relief patch technology offers many advantages over non-lidocaine patches as well as other lidocaine patches. When compared to your typical “menthol” patches, Lidocare offers odor-free pain relief. When compared to other lidocaine patches, Lidocare is the ONLY water-free lidocaine patch available. The water-free technology allows for the consumer to take full advantage of wearing a pain relief patch throughout the entire day. Water based patched have poor adhesion qualities, which greatly affects the consumer’s mobility.

Lidocare is not a watered down pain reliever. The result, Lidocare is not weighted with water so your patches never feel wet and slimy. Also, the more common menthol and capsaicin based patches are considered counter-irritants which, as you can imagine, irritate the skin. Lidocare pain patches offer a soothing relief that never feels wet or slimy, and they stay where you put them.

We love this question! Lidocare is available on this site and  as well as Walmart and Amazon.

Our patches are manufactured in the United States Of America. We do not outsource our patches to the lowest bidder, and there are many reasons why. First and foremost, we don’t want to – we believe keeping manufacturing here in the USA adds value to our Lidocare product. Second, we believe keeping our manufacturing in the USA adds value to American workers! – We believe in keeping Americans working, not sending their jobs overseas.

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